TURNKEY PUBLIC MANAGEMENT TOOLKITS--Helping managers and consultants assess and improve the delivery of programs and services in the public sector.
TURNKEY PUBLIC MANAGEMENT TOOLKITS--Helping managers and consultants assess and improve the delivery of programs and services in the public sector.
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Functional Review

Review the scope and delivery of programs and services within a public agency.

What is a functional review?

A functional review is useful when there is a need to review the scope of activities carried out, the organization and delivery channels, the delineation of responsibilities, and the capabilities the organization requires in the way ahead.

Typical circumstances that may lead to the need for a functional review include:

  • New service requirements or changing priorities of clients and stakeholders.
  • Confusion or overlap in roles and responsibilities.
  • Lack of prioritization and focus in the activities carried out.
  • High complexity in the interrelationships with stakeholders.
  • Uneven competencies across the organization.
  • Complaints from stakeholders and clients regarding service quality.
  • Impact of new technologies on functions and activities.
  • Opportunity for greater efficiency.

Key steps of a functional review 

  • Review the activities carried out and whether they still support the desired objectives and outcomes

  • Assess whether current activities and resources are meeting client and stakeholder expectations and improvements required

  • Assess key capabilities required and the activities required to support these capabilities

  • Review roles and responsibilities of the organizations involved, and the delineation of responsibilities between stakeholders and service delivery partners

  • Assess how the activities could be delivered in a more efficient and effective manner.

Functional review tools 

  • A generic functional review template (8 slides in PowerPoint) can be used for any program or function.

  • 15 functional review templates (each ranging from 8 to 12 slides in PowerPoint) to review the scope of activities of specific functions.  Each template contains content relevant to the function regarding activities and tasks, key capabilities, stakeholder responsibilities and delivery models.  The functional review guide is also provided with the functional review template.

  • A functional review guide (8 pages in Word) describes the key elements of a functional review and provides a detailed functional review process, work plan and checklist.  

  • All 17 tools (guide and templates) in the functional review collection can also be acquired together.

Select a template below for the function that is of interest to you or select the generic functional review template.  A brief description is provided of each template, as well as preview slides and a list of the key activities typically carried out for each function. 

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the selected template in a PowerPoint fully editable format (and the guide in a Word editable format).