TURNKEY PUBLIC MANAGEMENT TOOLKITS--Helping managers and consultants assess and improve the delivery of programs and services in the public sector.
TURNKEY PUBLIC MANAGEMENT TOOLKITS--Helping managers and consultants assess and improve the delivery of programs and services in the public sector.
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This image summarizes dimensions that can be used to benchmark the executive services function with other jurisdictions.
This chart identifies examples of dimensions and criteria for best practice benchmarking of the executive services function in the public sector.

Benchmarking Executive Services (15 slides)

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What best practices or service innovations have become more prevalent in the delivery of executive services?

The executive services function typically entails: coordinating requests for quick turnaround information at senior levels of the organization; arranging meetings with senior officials and other stakeholders; coordinating horizontal and sensitive issues, briefings and organizational responses; liaison with external stakeholders; and secretariat support to management committees.

Benchmarking template for the executive services function

The executive services benchmarking tool (15 slides in PowerPoint) provides a summary work plan and template to help compare the delivery and practices of the executive services function with those of other jurisdictions/ organizations.

The key benchmarking steps are:

  • Identify potential organizations to participate in the benchmarking
  • Prepare profiles of the benchmark organizations
  • Compare delivery models and practices by dimension/criteria
  • Summarize the results of the comparisons. 

Dimensions/criteria specific to the executive services function are provided to help compare with executive services delivery models and best practices of other jurisdictions (see preview image charts).  

The template also includes examples of executive services common/best practices under each dimension as well as five level capability maturity model descriptions to help situate your organization relative to common/best practices found in the benchmark organizations.

After you acquire the tool, you will receive an email with a link to download the template (15 slides) in a PowerPoint editable format, as well as the Benchmarking Guide (8 pages) in a Word format.

Common/best practices--Executive services function

 Examples of common/best practices for the executive services function include:

  • Engage sectors/programs within the organization

  • Writing skills training for briefings

  • A “one-window” to process incoming requests

  • Streamlined approval processes

  • Assign approval of documents to accountable owner

  • Look ahead calendar

  • Repository of previous briefings and other knowledge management tools

  • Electronic processing and tracking of briefings/ electronic dockets

  • Identify emerging horizontal issues

  • Integrated governance framework, processes and tools

  • Orientation and training of executives on committee work.

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